UK Company Formation For Overseas Residents

UK company formation For Overseas Residents is ideal for non-UK residents looking to form a UK company, including maintenance services and a prestigious London address with international mail forwarding.

What’s included:

1. Company Formation

UK Company Limited by Shares: All the necessary legal work completed – start trading today! A limited company is owned by its shareholders and under the limited company structure, your company and personal finances are kept separate, unlike the sole trader structure.

1-Day formation: Submit your details straightaway and you could be trading in the next few hours (subject to Companies House workload and operating hours).

No complicated paperwork: Start trading in the next few hours, after you’ve completed your purchase simply complete your registration details and we’ll do the rest.

2. Company Administration


Official digital documents:

All documents provided digitally; Articles of Association, memorandum of Association and Share Certificates.

Certificate of Incorporation: This is the main document which states your limited company is in existence. It includes your company name and number.

Share Certificates: This is a legal document that certifies ownership of shares within a limited company.

Memorandum & Article of Association: This is one of the documents required to incorporate a company and is often required by insurance companies or providers of finance (e.g. when leasing equipment or applying for a loan).

Printed documents sent to you:

We’ll immediately send you a hard copy of your Certificate of Incorporation and Share Certificates via international courier.

Maintenance of Statutory books:

Save £’s on your accountancy fees, we’ll maintain these for you. The Maintenance of Statutory Books is a digital record of all your company’s statutory information. This includes:

  • Company Name, Company Number & Registered Office
  • Accounting Reference Date and other important dates
  • List of Company Directors & their Service Address
  • List of Shareholders & how many shares they hold
  • List of Company Secretaries & their address – Company Share Capital

Annual Return (preparation & filing):

Our experts will accurately prepare and submit your Annual Return on time to Companies House

  • Every year, companies must update Companies House with their latest details using an Annual Return
  • Guarantees you file your Annual Return on time and 100% accurately – Includes Companies House Annual Return fee
  • This service is renewable annually

NB. It is a criminal offence not to deliver and Annual Return within 28 days of its due date, for which Companies House may strike-off and prosecute the company and its officers.

3. Company Address


London Registered Office:

Use our address as your Registered Office and we’ll forward your statutory post and block junk mail.

  • The Registered Office address must be in the UK
  • We forward your statutory mail within one working day of receiving it
  • Official mail (HMRC, Companies House) sent to your Registered Office Address will be forwarded on anywhere in the world
  • This service is renewable annually

Service address for all directors:

This service is for all directors, shareholders and company secretaries who want to keep their residential address confidential and off the Companies House public register.

  • Use our London address as your service address
  • Official mail (HMRC, Companies House) sent to your Service Address will be forwarded on anywhere in the world with no postage charge
  • This service is renewable annually

International Mail Forwarding:

Use our prestigious London address as your virtual office for credibility, privacy and a UK based trading address

  • All your mail will be sent to you, wherever you are in the World, via Royal Mail
  • Ideal for anyone requiring a UK based trading address
  • The cost of forwarding your mail will be taken from a £20 postage deposit; this is included in the package price. When this runs out we will ask you to top this up.
  • This service is renewable annually

Worldwide courier delivery

We’ll immediately send your Incorporation Documents (Certificate of Incorporation and Share Certificates) via international courier.